Compliance and Controls are not the most important part of your day

But should they be a part of your work plan?  Yes, yes and yes! We all know that selling cars and collecting our money is most important.  However, every time you or your staff does either, the door is opened for a liability to your company. This liability may come in the form of a fine for a late title, or a huge fine from the State Attorney General that could even close your doors. 

You do not have to start big on a Compliance plan. Having a plan is half the battle! Ask others questions, read forums and blog from experts. Start with an honest assessment of how you want things to be done at your dealership. During this assessment, think of problem areas and "funnels" that slow down progress your business. This assessment will become the start of your Controls.

Remember- Inspect what you Expect. 

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  • I really believe...when it comes to Compliance, it is much better to deal with it on the front end, via processes and controls, than bring the entire business to a screeching halt when complaints, investigations and fines have to be addressed. 

  • Perhaps the manager can build compliance components into the daily and weekly work lists.  Then perform an in-house audit once a month to very compliance. 


    One should not prioritize compliance issues out of fear. One should make compliance a priority because they want to be successful and because they want to do things the right way. 

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      Eddie Hight I agree- building compliance into the routine is SO very important to operating a successful business. 

      I have found that many operations have "audit" steps already in place, they just do not see them as an audit step.  One of the good things about having a written compliance plan is that when properly managed, the plan can (and will), over time,  be just as much a part of the day as talking with current and potential customers. 

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