When do I use a Procedure?

Have you ever noticed that there are some things that only one or two people in your organization know how to handle?  In a lot of dealerships, titles and liens are one of those things, but many others could be "one of those things".  

Enter the Procedure: the idea of a procedure was developed  to avoid the overlapping of actions and haphazard manner when performing tasks.   Tasks like title and liens require precise steps, specific order and usually multiple items to complete. This is why in so many dealerships only a couple of employees know how to do them, or are even allowed to try.  

But what happens when unforeseen circumstances occur? Sickness of the employee, children, parents, etc, accidents keep that employee from their job?  The dealership's credibility with a customer or vendor, their reputation and even their finances   could suffer. 

When the dealership writes a procedure that details all steps with copies and screen shots, and documents each step, when the unforeseen occurs, the dealership is covered.  Certainly someone else might make a mistake, things could happen, and the process may be slower, but the work will get done.  

So use a written, documented procedure to assist with the routine running of a successful dealership.  

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