Text to Pay

About thirty years ago when I started we were still collecting off ledger cards, making phone calls to people’s homes and visiting them in person. If you had a mobile phone it was about as big or bigger than your iPad is today.

I read an article the other day about old outdated technology and the true benefits of new current technology.  I wholeheartedly agree new technology is great and the benefits are more efficient and effective in getting directly to your customer.

Some of the new cutting-edge technology that I have researched recently has the ability to text to pay, billing reminders, and collection texts. This is a plus for you and for your customers convenience. No, it doesn’t get the customers walking back into your dealership but for the up and coming millennials (your current and future customers) this is right up their alley. No conversation, no hassle and handling something in mere seconds that used to take a few hours out of the day.
Companies like BlytzPay as well as other have this amazing technology.

So how does this help you get the customers back into your dealerships? Your willingness to be part of the new technology is the first step. Some of the younger Generation X, definitely millennials and anyone younger will recognize and appreciate it. Secondly, make sure your website is appealing. All the bells and whistles are not always necessary, but if your customers stare at their phones, more than they talk to people, you want to capture their attention. If your DMS already has text to pay technology, then you are steps ahead. If not, reaching out to these companies or your DMS to find out if this is on the horizon would be good to know. Who wouldn’t want an immediate impact on collecting money?

What do you use? How does it work? Does it work well with your starter interrupt and GPS devices? Start a conversation and let us know what works best for you and your area.

As a side note we do not have any direct business relationship with any of these companies, but information is key for us all to have a successful business.

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