GPS/Starter Interrupt Basic Practices to Start Today

Think about how you are using your devices. If employees are working remotely, especially with home computers and laptops, you still need to know what is being done

  • Use only work email addresses for access
  • Limit access times to business hours only
  • If possible, limit access to devices by IP addresses
  • Regardless of what is being done, get reports and set up auditing processes
  • Keep and document your audit work

Starter Interrupt devices, know what is being done, be sure all customers are treated the same

  • Contact your provider and know how you can get emergency access to disabled vehicles
  • Lot thefts are on the rise and may get worse. Consider having all lot vehicles enabled with GPS, so the vehicles are trackable
  • Set a geo-locate around your lot, so that you get notified when one is moved

Use your GPS technology to assist you in verifying the information you receive from customers

  • Weekly reports can assist you where the vehicle is going so that you may cross reference with the work address
  • When customer is on a test drive from their home you can make sure it used for the purpose of evaluating the vehicle for purchase

Check and know what automatic commands are being used

  • If you have automatic commands used during normal operations, evaluate how you need to use them in these unprecedented times. 

Have a written policy about how your devices are used. Always follow the policy, or have an amendment covering times like COVID-19.

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